4 Ways to Have a Successful Mobile Advertising Campaign

Mobile Advertising isn't the same as it used to be. Marketers are able to use new and innovative technology to reach consumers in more interesting and relevant ways. The Mobile Marketing Association took an analysis of 450 mobile campaigns to create a list of commonalities found among the leaders in mobile marketing.

Apple's HealthKit: Record and Analyze Health Data On The Go

"How are you?" now has a really accurate answer, thanks to Apple's HealthKit. Health providers can now sync data with existing medical records, and even keep track of a patients' health in new ways, such as the ability to handle data entry and statistical analysis of simple health data and present the results with mobile devices.

BOLD! Uses for Apple iBeacons

Apple iBeacons were first introduced with iOS 7 and they use BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to access and push information through an app on your smartphone by listening to signals around you.  Essentially, the beacon uses your phone to locate you, but it has the potential to do so much more.

Revolutionizing Virtual Reality Headsets

Oculus Rift is not only revolutionizing virtual reality headsets, but is also affordable enough for consumers. The company behind the Rift is Oculus VR, a company founded by 21-year-old Palmer Luckey and recently bought by Facebook for $2 billion. The Rift allows users to feel like they are inside of another world - it will follow your movements in real-time and gives you full mobility so you can lean in, look up, and move around at will. It's no surprised that Technology Review named the Rift one of the '10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2014'.

Crime-Fighting Wearable Technologies


Wearable technologies are being used for crime-fighting now, thanks to two innovative companies, Cuff and First Sign.

Cuff is a jewelry company that allows you to contact a chosen group of people quickly in case of an emergency. All the wearer has to do is push the cuff when they are in danger and if their group has a cuff of their own it will vibrate. If not, then the alert will go directly to their phones, with the alert including your location and health information. Select your group of friends and family right inside your Cuff app. 

Technology woven into life: OMsignal Biometric Smartwear

What is the one technological devices you never leave home without? Your cellphone, your laptop, others may even say their tablet but perhaps one items is missing - a shirt! OMsignal - the first ever collection of biometric smartwear just recently unveiled its wearable shirt that raises the quality of your fitness. 

A BOLD! new

You want it, We’ve got it - can easily be mistaken for the Staples Easy Button but don’t get this interactive wireless mobile device mistaken with the office supply chain store. It’s not that easy. Connected to a cloud server, this device, which can be pre-order ed (for €69), is a physical, Internet-connected button (the bttn) that can be pressed in order to trigger a particular action.

What you need to know about the 2014 Mary Meeker Report

Each year Mary Meeker releases a technology trends report, and the 2014 report was just released on Wednesday, May 28th. While the report talks about many aspects of technology, it was clear that mobile has the strongest potential.

Among the information reported, it has become apparent that mobile Internet usage is much higher than traditional Internet usage. In fact, mobile data traffic is up 81% compared to last year, with mobile Internet usage up to 25%. 

5 BOLD! Facts You Wish You Knew About Wearables.

5 BOLD! Facts You Wish You Knew About Wearables.

Lately, Wearable Technology Devices have been getting a lot of hype as they usher in one of the newest leading technology trends. Companies such as Google, Microsoft and Samsung to name a few have all launched these new innovations into the market and consumers have taken the bait. However, what exactly are wearables and how do they apply to me?

3 Defined Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips

3 Defined Mobile Marketing Strategy Tips

Gone Mobile or Going Mobile - many companies are progressing towards the globally mobile world. One of the biggest mistakes many brands today are making is the lack of developing their mobile marketing strategy. Removing irrelevant content and replacing them with useful content that way, mobile users are seeing the right content at the right times. But, where do we begin?