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Wearable Trend: Biosensing

Biosensing Wearables - mobile accessories which allow continuous physiological monitoring and in turn enhance user experience. Of the 90 million predicted wearable devices to be shipped in 2014, it is predicted that 74 million of those will be biosensing. ABI Research projects the wearable device sales volumes in 2014 to come from healthcare and sports and activity trackers. Significant potential to disrupt consumer electronics and the healthcare markets.

M-Commerce Trends: Location Sharing

Recall our previous blog, Ambient Proximity is the next big thing for location sharing, location sharing is not a new age development but with the growing momentum of mobile users choosing to opt in it’s impact is increasing exponentially. Urban Airshipthe global leader in mobile relationship management software provider just recently revealed its research on a growing M-Commerce trend - Location Sharing.

What you need to know about the 2014 Mary Meeker Report

Each year Mary Meeker releases a technology trends report, and the 2014 report was just released on Wednesday, May 28th. While the report talks about many aspects of technology, it was clear that mobile has the strongest potential.

Among the information reported, it has become apparent that mobile Internet usage is much higher than traditional Internet usage. In fact, mobile data traffic is up 81% compared to last year, with mobile Internet usage up to 25%. 

5 BOLD! Facts You Wish You Knew About Wearables.

5 BOLD! Facts You Wish You Knew About Wearables.

Lately, Wearable Technology Devices have been getting a lot of hype as they usher in one of the newest leading technology trends. Companies such as Google, Microsoft and Samsung to name a few have all launched these new innovations into the market and consumers have taken the bait. However, what exactly are wearables and how do they apply to me?

10 BOLD! and Social Tech Trends for the Next Decade

10 BOLD! and Social Tech Trends for the Next Decade

Video glasses, Thumb pads and Mobile Card readers, not only do these technological devices exist in present-day, they were predicted in the critically acclaimed Steven Spielberg film Back to the Future. Technological advancements for the past couple of centuries have been changing our daily lives. These developments in gadgets have revolutionized and are changing our society.