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Revolutionizing Virtual Reality Headsets

Oculus Rift is not only revolutionizing virtual reality headsets, but is also affordable enough for consumers. The company behind the Rift is Oculus VR, a company founded by 21-year-old Palmer Luckey and recently bought by Facebook for $2 billion. The Rift allows users to feel like they are inside of another world - it will follow your movements in real-time and gives you full mobility so you can lean in, look up, and move around at will. It's no surprised that Technology Review named the Rift one of the '10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2014'.

Ultrasounds to Take Virtual Reality to the Next Level

Ultrasounds to Take Virtual Reality to the Next Level

Ultrahaptics, a startup company from the UK, is taking virtual reality and making it more realistic than ever before. The company is adding a game-changer to the experience - the sense of touch. 

Ultrahaptics use ultrasound waves to let you feel like you are actually touching virtual objects. They are able to reflect air pressure waves off of the hand and fingers to give a realistic feeling of touch.