Ultrasounds to Take Virtual Reality to the Next Level

Ultrahaptics, a startup company from the UK, is taking virtual reality and making it more realistic than ever before. The company is adding a game-changer to the experience - the sense of touch. 

Ultrahaptics Virtual Reality Ultrasounds

Ultrahaptics use ultrasound waves to let you feel like you are actually touching virtual objects. They are able to reflect air pressure waves off of the hand and fingers to give a realistic feeling of touch. According to MIT Technology Review, a study was done by sending ultrasound waves to 25 different places on the hand to see how well participants could feel the different sensations. It was concluded that different parts of the hand, like the palm, are able to detect the waves better than others. They also learned to emit waves for longer periods of time to give the sense of motion. 

The research for this has been done at the University of Bristol, and they plan to make this available within the next two years. This new technology is still in the experimental stage, but it has the opportunity to start great things, like possibly adding braille in mid-air for the visually impaired. They hope to make the technology accessible to potential customers to try on their own.

What do you think? Will this create a lot of potential for virtual reality platforms?

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