Why Are Ads in Mobile Apps Not Working the Way They Were Intended to?

Ads in Mobile Apps

How often do you see little ads pop up while you're using your favorite apps? Whether it's a game you're playing or a news site that you're reading, chances are you've seen your fair share of advertisements in the mobile world. Out of all of the ads that you see on a regular basis, how many of them do you purposely click on?

While VentureBeat understands the potential that mobile advertising has, they made a valid point. "When marketers allow themselves to be confined to DR-only mobile strategies they can forget that other user experiences are important, even if more difficult to measure." 

The Harvard Business Review listed reasons why these ads just aren't working the way advertisers intend for them to. The most important of these reasons are the following:

  1. Consumers don't like them. In fact, four out of five survey takers have called mobile ads "unacceptable". How can ads be successful when the target audience has no interest in them?
  2.  The consumers that are clicking on advertisements don't mean to be doing so. The ads pop up randomly at times, or are in places where the consumer is used to using the app without an ad. This makes it harder for marketers to track how many genuine taps an ad is receiving.

So what can marketers do if they're not using advertisements? Create their own apps. Mobile phone users spend about 82% of their time using mobile apps, and while they might have 40 downloaded to their phone, most regularly use only 15. Companies need to stop wasting money on little ads that no one wants to see, and instead create apps that add value to their audience's life as well as their brands. Make an app that is convenient, helpful, and valuable. You'll have that many more opportunities to reach your audience instead of annoying them inside of the apps they already love.

What do you guys think? Do mobile apps just need to be put in a different direction, or should marketers find a new way of branding in the mobile world? Let us know what you think!

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