BOLD! The Kanban Approach

At BOLD! Technologies, we adhere to the Kanban model in all our development efforts. Besides providing a visual perspective on the development process, Kanban is a tool  that helps us determine where we are in the process, the development path we envision taking to get there, the timing and resources we’ll need along the way and enables us to evaluate and adjust progress along the way.  

How to Lead Your Startup Team to Success with Lydia Chicles

In order to thrive as an entrepreneur, you need to be BOLD! Come learn how from Lydia Chicles. She is results-driven with over 10 years experience in developing, recognizing and bettering products, Lydia Chicles developed much of her expertise working in creative & management roles in the magazine and design industry. Involved with Magazines Canada, an influential industry advocate, she navigated the changing world of the print industry which was especially significant in helping shape her understanding and early adoption of digital media.

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Connections are BOLD! at the Samsung Developer Conference 2014

The Samsung Developer Conference 2014 was an exciting few days and took place November 11-13, 2014 showcasing Smart devices, Smart homes and Smart people! The future of wearables, and the opportunity to participate and present in the future of Connected Living was all the rage.

Mobile Commerce Facts and Figures

By now it is also well known that mobile commerce capabilities are crucial to any business that sells online. In the U.S.  alone, mobile commerce market is poised to hit $114 billion in 2014, and projected to influence more than $600 billion in total retail sales by 2016, according to Forrester Research.

3 Ways Indoor-GPS with iBeacons Improve the Retail Experience

Improve the retail experience inside big spaces like department stores, concert venues and sport arenas with indoor GPS (iBeacons).

Apple Announcing: What can you Expect from the iPhone 6 and the iWatch?

Apple’s big event Tuesday comes at a crucial time for the world’s most successful and highly valued computer company. You can stream live video of the special event on September 9 at 10a.m. PDT.