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The Community Events App is a virtual event guide helping attendees easily navigate everything from schedules to venues, directions to ticketing, social media posts to local fan gatherings. Event and festival goers are on the move between venues and performances, and this mobile events guide takes them there.



The Problem

There are tons of apps to coordinate B2B conferences and business events. Some of us have even been corporate event planners! But one of the joys of being BOLD! Is that we  embrace media, arts and culture so passionately in our own lives.  We know creative folks are best when they’re creative.  So rather than have to worry about mobile app technology and platform logistics, BOLD! Technologies provides the tool.

The Process

It started with an assignment based on a planning and communications platform we’d delivered for Greek, Catholic and other educational affinity groups. As part of CISCO’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, BOLD! was the perfect group to work on their custom “Get Ideas” Education calendar to help facilitate interaction among their sponsored network of teachers, administrators and other learning professionals.

Efforts associated with that as well as those prior development projects eventually evolved into Community Event App (CEA), which targets social, cultural and entertainment associations. Just as with educators, we recognized a unique niche, one for which we have special affinity.



Our efforts continue today for clients such as:




Initially intended as a local platform for educators in public and parochial schools, the Community Events Application (CEA) evolved into the national arts & entertainment application used today. From promoting ticket sales to calendarization of the events, geolocation to intra-app networking and communications, the Community Event App provides interfaces that lets clients customize the app to their unique brand and identity.  

Because of its flexibility and customization, sponsors as wide-ranging as Orlando’s Shakespeare Theater, Orlando Fringe Festival, Rochester NY Fringe, the Brevard Cultural Alliance and others integrated this platform into their marketing activities and infrastructure. Every day, we’re honored when more Fringe, Film and Shakespeare festivals and Cultural Alliances license the app for their personal use.

We’re very proud to count over 61,000 downloads across all these platforms.

Let the CEA mobilize your event!

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