NodeJS Developer

Job Description:

We are looking for a self motivated individual with an excellent understanding of NodeJS, javascript and back end development technologies. The individual should have a good understanding of the life cycle of web and mobile applications, and is comfortable around the terminal and various terminal based development tools.

Fast Track to an Interview:

We would like every applicant to solve the attached assignment before we are able to consider scheduling an interview. Please email your solutions back to us at There is no wrong answer. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Communicate ideas and concepts clearly and concisely to clients and internal team.
  • Work closely with project teams to understand and translate requirements.
  • Maintain current, relevant knowledge of standards, and techniques.
  • Effectively communicate with developers and other project team members through implementation phase to realize design vision.
  • Act as a resource and thought partner to colleagues.

Specific Skill Set Needed:

Our perfect candidate has:

  • Excellent proficiency in NodeJS
  • Excellent proficiency in Javascript
  • Excellent proficiency in Unit Testing
  • Excellent proficiency with Promises
  • Experience with Terminal
  • Experience with Git
  • Experience with Task Running Tools and Package managers (Grunt, Gulp, bower, npm etc..)
  • Experience with Cloud PaaS providers (AWS, Heroku, Parse is a big plus!)

This opportunity offers you a chance to work with an award winning team. You would work closely with all levels of management and directly impact multiple products and production. 

Send portfolio: