Printaire enables shops to print & produce direct mail, particularly ongoing automated postcards,  and facilitates how, when and where those communications should be sent. Printaire enables developers to access complete, enterprise scale printing facilities for a high quality postcard production, without minimum spend levels or long-term commitment.



The Problem

It seemed redundant to us, (that is, less than operationally efficient!) that other local development shops were having to ‘recreate the wheel’ when getting to that last, simple production step for any number of clients, so we figured other shops might have similar experiences. Many clients, even with minimal marketing knowledge, have some recurring communications needs, e.g. appointment reminders, and delivering that as part of their app or another communications platform, doesn’t need to be invented anew with each application.

The Process

Among the proprietary products BOLD! Technologies continues to deliver are tools other developers can use to enhance their own efforts. We’ve all had clients with output requirements that are readily automated and operationally more effective when standardized. Who better to recognize those opportunities than a strategic shop with a keen understanding of service as well as product development, coupled with an excellent local production resource network.

Simple Integration
Create a postcard order with a single API call or multiple cards with dynamic content using groups and templates.

Recipient Groups
Recipients organized by group, enabling batch orders, facilitating mailing in bulk!
Dynamic Templates
Dynamic templates enable a single postcard or used for an entire group allowing automatic customization.

Order Preview
The dashboard allows a preview feature, order view, enables balance refill and account management.

Great Print Quality and Service
Outstanding print production and fulfillment resources provide highest quality ink and stock with 24/7 support.




Printaire, offered as a service enhancement to our own app development efforts, as well as easily and flexibly integrated into others’ efforts through an API which incorporates production and fulfillment of printed postcards as easily as it is to send an e-mail.  By integrating this production capability into mobile and web applications, we enable others to eliminate an in-house printing infrastructure.

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