It's no coincidence we're BOLD! Technologies

Each of us is special in our own right, whether it’s the accolades and accomplishments in our careers, personal milestones achieved and commitments to our communities realized.  There’s no bravado in being bold when your heart and soul is in it.  Collectively, our skills and experience enable innovation and ease building, developing and leveraging technology from a breadth of perspectives.



Lydia Chicles

Lydia achieved expertise in a myriad of media, from publishing to the emerging digital and social media arenas. Her early adoption contributed to founding BOLD! Technologies. Bringing proprietary products to market, coupled with contributions to clients’ businesses, whether startups like Pockitapp or brands like Tupperware, are her professional props. Family, community and commitment to women in technology, while serving on multiple boards and advocacy groups, is her joy.

Christian Chicles
Operations & Client Relations

Christian has a history of innovating, (include design patents!) branding and developing native mobile and web products across the spectrum of health, entertainment, aerospace, defense, VR and gaming. His passion is demonstrated in the technology developed for groups including NASA, TWC, Full Service Network (FSN), Prasara Technologies, PowerTV, Scientific Atlanta and Cisco.

David Booth
Chief Technologist

Full Stack Engineer and Development Team Leader, David oversees responsive front-end apps and back-end infrastructure to support iOS, Android and Web client applications. His custom software services deliver impactful, empowering mobile applications and platforms to the Bold! clients.


Glynne Mallery
VP Marketing

Experienced Senior Marketing professional leveraging technology in strategic management from banking, TV, retail, telecommunications and direct marketing. Skilled leader, creative director/problem solver, direct marketer and marketing strategist across multi-mediums and cross-platform marketing.



Carol Ann Dykes Logue

UCF Business Incubator Manager
Professional in tech commercialization and entrepreneurship, Carol Ann works with universities, federal laboratories, small-mid sized technology companies and entrepreneurs on business, i.e. market analysis, business planning, strategies, capital acquisition and strategic partnerships.

Robert Gannon

Marketing and Consumer Expert Executive helping some of the world’s largest and most iconic consumer goods companies and brands understand, interpret, and leverage data and analytics to drive top line and bottom line growth. A fervent advocate for personal development and focus on the service-profit chain, Bob has also designed, implemented, and managed successful mentoring programs at multiple companies.

Tom McDonald

Lead NNTP Architect
Experienced Lead Architect with a demonstrated history of working in  information technology and services industry. Strong background in systems scaling and stability, leading the development of extensible and maintainable code crafted with adherence to industry best practices.


Dale silvia

Chief HR Officer FOX Factory
An executive-level, Human Resources leader across multiple industries, levels, functions and cultures including multi-site responsibility for HR operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Focus on business-to-HR partnering, global responsibility, executive consultancy, coaching and leadership.

Matt Thursam

Diverse Business Consultant
Fosters diversity in commerce through programs that expand and eliminate barriers in the marketplace. Both a Sourcing and a Supplier Diversity professional, he connects the dots between decision makers and opportunities.


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