BOLD! Technologies was delighted to support the efforts of a mature, sizable company like uBreakiFix. Finding a unique niche in the early, growing technology marketplace, UBIF founded in Central Florida and now serving international markets. UBIF is a market innovator and with their commitment to delivering superior service, BOLD! is a perfect technology partner as they grow to meet the needs of their future. 



The Problem

uBreakiFix, a mobile tech repair service that, as their name suggests, fixes electronic devices, is the classic story of a little business that could. The idea resulted from a problem that needed fixing, i.e. a brand new cracked iPhone.  But a decade ago, when mobile devices were relatively new,  repair services weren’t readily available. So they established their own company right here in Florida and today, they’re available in 377 stores and counting, across the United States, Canada and Caribbean.

With qualities, values and a service-oriented culture like their own, BOLD! Technologies was initially approached by uBreakiFix to provide a needed enhancement to their retailer app. Because of the unique configuration of the app UBIF developed early in the nascent hybrid environment, and with BOLD!'s extensive experience in both native and hybrid apps, we were in the perfect position to assist.

The Process

After quick resolution, uBreakiFix was so pleased with the results delivered on time and on budget, that negotiations continued for the next phase in the relationship. This involved defining scope of work and establishing a Master Services Agreement in a longer term engagement to control the native side of the project. This roadmap calls for everything from grooming the code base, manual and automatic regression testing to maintain the integrity of the feature set, all while changing code.

Because uBreakiFix has become an intrinsic partner to big name brands like Samsung, the world’s biggest smartphone maker, entire school districts, and across many, multiple business networks, all changes need to be made while maintaining a functioning deployable state in addition to the updates to feature set on the native side.




uBreakiFix has a large team of developers who’ve designed their own mobile and web apps.  Working with BOLD! resolved the problem quickly and efficiently, enabling them to leverage the skills of a respected development shop while extending their own capacity to work on other projects.  

The client’s comfort in our standards of excellence, coupled with their confidence in the service we deliver, resulted in uBreakiFix buying time to work with BOLD! Technologies in an ‘outsourced tech partner’ consultative capacity. We look forward to augmenting their team working together on v.2 of UBIF’s web & mobile apps. Their implicit trust resulted in BOLD! being asked to review and be involved in next steps before any significant changes are made to the actual app. We’re looking forward to next steps in what promises to be a successful and ongoing relationship.

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